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Beautiful Kimberly Waterfalls

Wow a beautiful picture I found on online. It should be nice place to visit for summer season. This in west Australia in Kununurra, “the Kanunurra Kimberly waterfalls”. During the Wet Season from November to April, the waterfalls awake in Kununurra to new life.
The spot where Nicole Kidmand and Hugh Jackman about the film epic “Australia”. The spot it should lure more tourist into the area.


You Have Won Holiday Travel "Scam"

As what I’ve heard and read, there are travel agency are sending travel packages that says “you have won a holiday” I knew one of my friend received a letter from this travel agency (not to mention travel agency) and it’s says you paid 998 US dollar and you travel to this place blah and blah. My question is how I can sure that is not faked and scam? Maybe if I grab this travel holiday opportunities and then when I arrived to my destination then they will says that I’ll must pay this and that! What a heck!

My husband received some opportunity like this but he never believed those letters. They say you won but you not really won, you must pay first before you can go.
My thought is, as of now we are in global financial crisis, there are no people does not give you a free travel holiday without paying penny. You must first check the travel agency before you grab the opportunity or else you end up with many bills from your VISA.