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Chocolate Hills Bohol

As what you can see my last entry about the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, the Sagbayan Peak. After in Sagbayan Peak ou next stopped was at Chocolate Hills Complex, is the main destination for the great viewing of chocolate hills. It was beautiful view, great picturesque and landscape. Chocolate Hills that considered to Seven Wonders of the World, one of natural, 1,297 cone shape hills. This is the place in Bohol a must see when you are in Bohol.

The beautiful at the Chocolate Hills Complex


Sagbayan Peak Bohol

It was our first vacation in Philippines together of my husband when we were married. We spent 3 days in Panglao bohol, our 1st day staying in there, we had tour within one day to the top tourist destinations in Bohol, the most famouse tourist attraction in Bohol. We had Van tours sightseeing just four of us in Van including our driver. We never let the day without visiting those great places in Bohol including the Sagbayan Peak. There are two places that you can observed the chocolate hills that including Sagbayan Peak. The Main observation point is located in the Chocolate Hills Complex, where you can see the wider scope of the place that you can the farthest place, thousand’s chocolate hills scattered. At first stop was Sagbayan Peak, it was nice viewing deck, they have also butterfly garden and tarsier garden then after an hour we travelled just 30 minutes going to the main point the chocolate hills complex. The chocolate hill it is say is the most famous top tourist attraction in Bohol. Those hills look like chocolate mounds that turn browns during dry season or summer season.

My husband and I in Sagbayan Peak with their Dinasour at the entrance.

Sagbayan Peak


A Dream Paradise Island Vacation

What a dream paradise. It is nice being in here in this paradise island Maldives. The atolls on the Maldives are a true paradise. The sun appears and in the water and small Nemos around. I wish we could have second honeymoom and went this beautiful paradise island, with white sand, walking barefoot on the sand, swim, and search memo in the ocean, fresh air and relaxing stay. Wow, I wish that, but I think that could be in my dream happen.


Castle Of Thun Town

In the morning it was bad weather and in the afternoon the sun was shining, my husband and decided to drive a car went to Thun, a little town just 20 minutes to drive a car from Berner. We went up to reached the Castle of Thun, we did not expect the view when we were there, beautiful the picturesque the city of Thun and the Alps.
Thun is the tourist top destinations in its own right with magnificent and with turreted castle now a museum of swiss history and culture that has dominated the Thin skyline since Duke Berthold V of Zähringen ordered it built in 1191. Paul Guiton, author of an undated travel guide titled Switzerland: Northern and Eastern from 60 or 70 years ago. The museum is quite interesting, and views from the castle towers are spectacular.


Unforgetable Moments In Disneyland Paris

In many days staying at Paris, the capital city of France we had a chance visiting Disneyland Paris, I never forget this place, the place where my husband brought me last May 2005, the Disneyland Paris, which I wish in my younger age. For almost 1 year our married life my husband brought me in Disneyland Paris which is the unforgettable place and unforgettable moments for us. It was fantastic days and amazing vacation when we were there. We enjoyed the rides, the views, the shows, their buildings and their cartoon characters that I only saw in Television when I was in my younger age. Walt Disney Studios Park where we were discovered a magical world of fun and adventure. I wish we could visit again this place with our adorable son soon. I am so excited again to visit this place and enjoy the rides, the shows and others.

After riding Space Mountain which so adventure for us.


Peak In The Swiss Alps In Bernese Oberland-Niederhorn

The Niederhorn mount is one of the mountains that my husband and I visited. A beautiful sunny day we drove with our car from our place within 45 minutes and reached Beatenberg to Niederhorn the cable railyway of that brought us to the mount of Niederhorn 1,950 meters/6,392 feet. It was great and amazing view from their where you can see the beauty of the trio Alps the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau, which is closer than the other mountains and explore the beauty of the Berner Oberland and Thunersee (Lake Of Thun). This is the one place top tourist destinations. We rode the cable car which you can see also the amazing view too while riding up to the mount. When we were at the top we cannot believe what we saw, it is breathtaking view from where we stood up. It was majestic and perfect day we had.

We were enjoying the beauty of the Bernese Oberland with amazing view. I wish you are there too (*wink*)


The Highest Revolving Restaurant In The World

It was unforgettable experienced my husband and I visited Saas-Fee which is the former village of mountain farmers is one of the most popular Meccas for snowboarders in Europe. Is the one highest mountain of switzerland in the border of Italy, it is very known unspoilt nature, traditional charm, best alpine fresh air and has beauty farm, 4000 meters peaks, the resort features the highest underground funicular railway in the world up to the skiing area and the highest revolving restaurant in the world 3,500 m (11,500 feet). That was summertime, with sunny blue sky, it was great and amazing trip.

The beautiful Chalet hotels and houses

Typical Valais small house