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The Highest Roller Coaster Of Europe

I was so curious about this Europa Park what the rides are like there as I like the scary rides and as I have been already in the biggest amusement park of the World the Walt Disneyworld in Orlando Florida, so I was really curious this Europa Park which is the popular destinantions of European people. My husband, me and with our friends, we had a chance, we visited this amusement Park, we had so much fun. It was my first visit in Europa Park; this is the biggest amusement park of the region of Germany. We experienced the real adventure and the breathtaking attraction of this park. We took stroll through Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Scandinavia in one go which was really great to see the different design of the houses and buildings from those countries and we experienced the 4D cinema which is the most see in the park too. I rode the one the highest and the biggest roller coaster of Europe called “silver star” it was scary and really adventures for me which is that you feel that your thing in your body will goes out. It is very tall, very fast and very steep rides. The queue is not so long is not so problems for all.

Photo above is the Silver Star Roller Coaster

At night


Dolphine Watch at Alona Beach Bohol

Early morning at time in Alona Beach Bohol, we woke up at dawn time to watch the wild dolphins. Arround 5:30 we were boat ride in just 30 minutes we saw and heard hundreds of dolphins jumping and playing. We had amazing morning on that time. After an hour, we went to snorkelling, which are the most awaited adventures for us. See the last entry about our snorkelling at Balicasag Island.

They are following us..

Playing with us. (lol)


Snorkelling At Balicasag Island Bohol

My husband and I love travelling, we love adventures, and when we were in Alona Beach Bohol during our vacation we did not missed we went snorkelling at Balicasag Island. Balicasag Island it is best diving/snorkelling site. It is just 30 minutes from Alona Beach with boat ride. It was my first time snorkelling; I did not expect what I have seen, it is really like typical aquarium, it was beautiful, colourful, and different kinds of corals reefs and fishes we saw under the water it was really amazing. My husband, my bro and I enjoyed feeding hundreds of fishes; the fishes almost bite our hands while feeding. It was so a lot of fun snorkelling and great experienced we did snorkelling at Balicasag Island. Snorkelling is so worthwhile this is the reason I want to do again and again.

Boat ride leading to Balicasag Island

My husband and I enjoying snorkelling


Schilthorn Piz Gloria World's First Revolving Restaurant

This is the 2nd place where my husband brought me my 1st week staying in Switzerland. It was great and amazing view from Schilthorn Piz Gloria, ranging from the Bernese Alps to Mont Blanc in France and Germany's Black Forest, specially the known apls of Switzerland the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau (The UNESCO World Heritage) and on more than 200 other summits. This is the longest cable car to reach to the mount Schilthorn. 7000 meters of aerial cables connect the valley station of the Schilthorn Cable Car to the mountain station 2103 meters higher up. The cable-car makes the trip in four different segments, from Stechelberg in the Lauterbrunnen Valley to Gimmelwald, from there to Mürren and Birg until to the summit of Schilthorn. It was takes 32 minutes by cable car up to reach this summit of the 2970 m high Schilthorn. We had great and delicious lunch at the world's first revolving restaurant, Piz Gloria. The "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", the James Bond movie, which was filmed at the Schilthorn. While we were in restaurant, we enjoyed looking the view where we sat down and having lunch and after our lunch, we enjoyed spectacular view from their big terrace! It was great and amazing trip going up to this known mount of Schilthorn. We enjoyed the breathtaking panorama of mount Schilthorn, this is the place that I put in my records that I will never forget in my life.


The Biggest Fountain Of The World

We were in Geneve our last vacation past few years ago. It was amazing vacation with my husband, sister and brother. We stayed in Camping place within 2 nights. It was amazing together with my husband, my brother and sister to be there in this beautiful city of Geneve. We roamed around the city, we came to the park, and we found there was a big clock. It was my first time I saw a clock made of flowers and plants on that time, it so fantastic clock. There are many people tourist was there too. It was great we were visited the city of Geneve and saw the beautiful and amazing water fountain. The water-jet (Jet D'Eau) or the fountain located in Geneve the one of the largest fountains of the world and the one symbol of Geneve. Situated at the center of Geneve at the point where Lake Geneva empties into the Rhone River and it is visible throught out the city. Geneve is one of the city's most famous landmarks, beautiful city, and a French language city of Switzerland.

My Husband my sis and my bro.

My husband and I


Chateau Chillon Switzerland

It was great and amazing we visited one of the most beautiful castles of the world the Chateau Chillon. The best castle that we been experience in Europe, because it is castly, fantastic building and beautiful view over the Lac Leman. The Chateau Chillon (Castle of Chillon) one of the most impressive and famous castles (chateau) in Switzerland is a genuine 13th century on roman foundations located nearby Montreux Switzerland between the shores of Lake Geneva and the Alps, this monument with over 1,000 years of history. Castle of Chillon Lord Byron who wrote the poem “The Prisoner of Chillon” made it. About François de Bonivard, a Genevois monk and politician who was imprisoned there from 1530 to 1536. The Chateau de Chillon was the official residence of the Counts of Savoy throughout the Middle Ages.

Entrance of the Castle

on the balcony overlooking Lake Geneva in Montreux

My husband, my bro. and my sis posed with equipment for battle.


Schwarzsee Blessed With Pure Nature

It was worth we were in Schwarzsee village, it is blessed with nature and beautiful village. It was great to us we were their, the place which is ideal for us, for hike and ideal who are pure nature’s lovers, (like us) also for families, and sports lovers. We went up to the mount; with the chair lift, while with chair lift were enjoying seeing the breathtaking view. When we were at the top of the mount, we enjoyed the fantastic view and beautiful landscapes. Down from the mountain we drove bicycle, which is so much fun, we enjoyed driving going down, and it was so fast. Schwarzsee has impressive mountains and the idyllic mountain lake. The rolling country side, due to that the amazing landscapes and varied cultural assets. In Summer possible to go hike up to the mountains as what I mention above and possible to go fishing, lake swimming which is fun, sunbathing and relaxing and many more to do out there. In winter is possible to do ski, hockey, ice skating which I like to go skating is a lot of fun and walking which you can discover the panoramic view during wintertime in Schwazsee.


Amazing View From Gurten Hill

This is the first place my husband brought me in my first day in Switzerland. It was wintertime; the place was full of snow as what you can see in the photo. Here you can see the amazing view all around the Berner Oberland in Gurten hill and the fantastic Alps, the known mountains specially the Eiger, Monch and Jungrfaujoch and the picturesque of Bern town. Gurten Hill is the one largest park in Bern and it is popular desdinations for outings. Going up to the top hill taking the modern railway within 7 minutes and it is possible with foot too about 20 minutes up. Sometimes my husband and I came here we did snowledged during wintertime and in summertime it is possible to do picnic with grill and playing sports.
The photos above during our snow sledged.

Autumn's on the way

Fantastic, Isn't it?


Longest Bridge In South East Asia

Did you know that? San Juanico Bridge is the longest Bridge in the South East Asia. During my husband 1st visit in Philippines (we are not already married) this is the 1st place that he visited. We brought him and show san Juanico Bridge how so great, I thought he disappointed about the view but I was glad he likes because with picturesque views, with small islands with palm and tress, and of course, the bridge at his first time saw a bridge, which is longest one. From Tacloban City where we live, is about 15 minutes from our place with the bus and it is possible also to ride with motor or jeepney. San Juanico Bridge is the bridge connecting Samar and Leyte and it is said one of the most beautiful designs of the Bridges in Philippines.


My Online Travel Diary

Hello friends, visitors and co-bloggers, this is my new blog, my online travel journal. This is the place where I can share my travel experiences. Here you can find, my trip advisory, good shot photos of me and my husband photos during our vacations.