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The Vacation Dreams To Escape In Coldness

Have you dream to have a vacation during in wintertime to escape from coldness? If you ask me in the same question, I wish to have a vacation to away from coldness.

The days become shorter. Nowadays the temperatures are getting lower and lower and tour operators say which the great destinations in this winter season are. However, where exactly to escape from this cold season, where we should go?

Today, this is what I want to share you my fellow travellers, what I have read from magazine news the place where we should go to escape from this cold season.

The romantic bath vacation in the Indian Ocean.

In Maldives: Rest purely.

If you search absolute rest and a breathtaking inderwater world, Maldives is the right place for you. Here on more than hundred island there are countless lodging at the highest star lievel. The travel months and January and February. Then it almost never rains and temperatures rule constantly about 30 degrees.

Goa: More than party on the beach.
Goa numerous ones generously top resorts decorated. From January to April the best time holiday season. Experience hardly rain and temperatures is about 30 degrees.

Cambodia: In the empire of the temples. The country on the Indo-chinese peninsula is still a confidential tip. It gives nowhere up to so narrow space so many great temples like in the region around Angkor Wat. Cambodia can be combined very well with a Thailand trip. The low life costs, which relieve the holiday cash, are especially attractive. Ideal holiday season: January and February.

Argentina: Hot tango and rough nature.
If we are in winter the clammy fingers warmly breathe, summer rules in Argentina: Unique glacier sceneries and the Iguazu waterfalls provide with nature lovers for enthusiasm; reveler throw themselves in the pulsating life of the capital of Buenos Aires. The best holiday season: From December to February.

Fervently announced towns

Dubai: The metropolis of the superlatives in winter an absolute vacation dream: The temperatures about 25 degrees, great beaches and many shopping possibilities – among the rest, the biggest Mall standing shortly before opening of the world – and top-excluding lodgings. Special highlight: the hotel of Atlantis on the point of the piled up palm island

Jerusalem: A town with history
A tour by the amusing Old Town makes clear the unique historical town to the visitor. Unfortunately, Israel is rather avoided by many tourists based on security doubt. However, who keeps to a few behavioural rules, will find out that travelling is completely safe in Israel.


Romantic Castle

The Castle Shadau

This is the place when my husband and I sometimes have nothing to do during weekends before the weekdays come to do hard work. We just stroll here sitting on the bank in the park and roam around having refreshment of the day. The Castle Shadau it has cozy restaurant where we have something to eat. The foods is great and of course mixing with the scenic views of the alpine that makes you love to stay more and more in restaurant. I love the place is very romantic and peaceful and it has gastronomic museum inside of the castle offers a glimpse to the culture of eating and drinking.

Castle Schadau is the beautiful castle in Thun on the lakeshore and with the amazing alpine views. The Castle Schadau located at the south of Thun 10 minutes from the railway station.
The castle built between 1849 and 1854. Inside of the castle very sophisticarted.

So when you have plan to go in Thun don’t miss to visit Schadau castle… I can say that the romantic castle that I’ve ever visited.


Lucerne and The Swiss Transport Museum

Lucerne in German is Luzern. This city is an hour from Berne where we live. There are things to do in this central City of Switzerland and many attractions lake cruises and beautiful mountain views that you have enjoy vacation or stay in this city. The Luzern city is one of the most populated tourist cities in Europe. When you visit this city don’t miss to visit Picasso Museum, Rosengart Collection and the Swiss transport museum which is the one of largest technical museum in Europe: railways, automobiles, aircraft, spacecraft, ships, telecommunication, planetarium
IMAX movie theatre which I’ve been few years from now. The Swiss transport museum very interesting museum that I‘ve ever been. I wish I could visit again in this museum to explore and discover more things that are interesting and so on that I have never seen in my life.

The old Church in Lucerne

The largest landmark in Lucerne the famous Chapel bridge in German is Kapellbrucke (the wooden bridge) was constructed during 14 century’s as a symbol of the city’s fortification.


The Frozen Lake

The pictures below of Oeschinensee (lake Oeschinen) the frozen Lake in winter season. This is look like this when the winter is so freaking cold and below to zero degrees Celsius. It is possible to walk on the lake but must be careful it is dangerous.

A charming Oeschinensee welcome you, enjoy the beautiful God’s creation, enjoy the beautiful nature a around the deep blue lake with the amazing breathtaking alpine views During summer time, people go here do swimming, picnic, boating and the place to relax.

You can reach to the Oeschinensee with chairlift from Kandersteg and there are pathway if want to hike within 30 minutes to walk.

Next time I want to visit this place in the summer season as we visited over last few years ago was freaking cold and snowy.

The photo showing the frozen lake

This photo below from fotogalerie at I've never been there during summer I browse online and took this photo it's beautiful and good shot...


Visiting Geneve

It was chilling day, not too nice weather but we never let the day without to spend our time roam around the city of Geneve Switzerland after we brought my mom to the Airport Geneve back to Philippines.

My husband and Baby Cd. Baby Cd enjoying chasing the doves...

Going to ride to this little train...

See the fountain?...

The lake and it's tallest fountain in the world a Jet d'Eau, a must visit and central attraction of the City 460 feet (140m) into the air at a speed of 124 miles per hour (200km/h) and pumping 132 gallons (500 litres) of water per second.

This photo took last 2004 my first visit in this city, more photos in here...

Geneve owns the largest lake in central of Europe ¾ from Geneve Switzerland and ¼ from France.

In Geneve there are lot of museum to visit and attractions and many activities.