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Shadau Castle And It's Park

It was beautiful afternoon in Berner Town. We just took full advantage of it. We went to Thun town took for a walk and had a fresh air. We parked our car nearby the Shadau Castle in Gwat Hallenbad parking area. Perfect amazing views of Shadau castle. This is one of our favorite places, romantic, beautiful scenic views and wonderful place to bond with family. If we do not have any planned, we just drove our car and went to this beautiful place.

We had delightful afternoon and walked for about 10 minutes from Gwat to Schadau Park after strolling in Schadau Park we took a walked to Thun Town for about 10 minutes again.

Schadau is an English style park castle located on the south bank Aare River, built 1849 and 1854 by banker Denis de Rougement and features both Romantic and New Gothic styles. Has a restaurant where people can have food highest quality and ideal for the family who want to have refreshment during the day.

Here are some photographs in the afternoon during our stroll in Schadau Park.

With my husband and our son with the Schadau Castle

These what you can see from Schadau Castle and Park


Schongiland Park

We had fun last Easter Sunday at the afternoon. We had great time visiting this amusement park in Central Switzerland. We visited Schongiland Park. Cedie my 17 months old baby enjoyed the bob and bike tracks. Look at the photos below I have taken during our enjoyment in this adventure land park.

Schongiland Park a little park located in Schongau village. It is a fun park for children, a park is ideal for family and children for having fun in spring to fall season. Children rides, bob and bike track the bouncy cushions, the salto trampoline or the fun shooter. You can enjoy also the natures the quiet, peaceful part of Schongiland.

Castle New Swan Stone

My husband and I planning to visit Castle Hohenschwangau named, castle new swan stone in German Schloss Newschwanstein, the one the most popular tourist destination in Germany. I am longing to visit this beautiful and historic castle and it was inspiration for sleeping beauty castle and world Disney fantasy land and built by Mad king Ludwig. Looking forward to visit this beautiful castle in Germany.


Ice Castle in Schwarzee

This was not our planned on last weekend of February. This is quite late post but I am trying to share you here our fun weekend.

It was our second time visiting Ice palace in Schwarzee village. However, our planned to do snow sledge to the mount of Gurnigel due of thick snow 20 centimetres we cannot sledge very well. Therefore, we decided and drove our car going to the Schwarzee and went to the Ice Palace that time with the Goddaughter and Godson of my husband. A Goddaughter and Godson of my husband enjoyed and had fun roamed around the Ice Palace. It was their first time saw and visiting Ice Palace.

Amazing Ice sculpture

Trully beautiful Ice Palace especially in the night, you walk because it's illuminated Ice palace colourful lights Ice Grottos as you can see first photo.

The Ice Palace is very famous attraction in Switzerland

Because of a lot of snow on that day can't see properly the scultures at the outside.


Vacation In Philippines

I am excited to have vacation in Philippines, to visit my parents and my siblings. I am missing them. They are also excited to see their first grandchild my son.

I am planning now where to go in Philippines for beach vacation with my family, we, my husband and my son, my parents and my siblings. If possible and we have enough time and enough budget we are going to Boracay as I never been their before, my husband and my parents too. Whether in Bohol Island again in Panglao beach. I knew planning for vacation is not so easy it is a lot to book and need time to plan. I have a lot to arrange and to book for hotels and for flight. I am looking for resort, room and cheap accommodation in Boracay either in Panglao Island. I knew I could find one good service accommodation, luxury either cheap, as there are cheap hotels to find in these resorts.

Wish me luck folks. That’s all for now wish you have a great day.


A Short Vacation Time

Easter days is getting closer, offices have no work I think most of us thinking for a vacation even just 5 days out of town. I am thinking having out of town vacation just short days, no fix date at this time but I think we will gonna have vacation just a short days out of town. Wether not I think we just stay and just spend our Time Mountain hopping when we have beautiful weather here in our place.

Riding Cogwheel Railway Reaching Mount Pilatus

In Switzerland, where I am living most of the time having bad weather. Its just so lucky week if successive beautiful weather we have. In times of beautiful weather in summer time people love to go outing boding with family go up to the mountains, hiking, biking, picnic, swimming and etc just spending a time under the sun. When we have beautiful weather my husband and me, our day is incomplete when we never spending time under the sun having adventure the day. What I wish this spring, summer or autumn when we have beautiful weather I want to visit Pilatus Mountains to have adventures time. A mountain that I am longing to visit this year with my family.

Pilatus mounts located near Lucerne City, Switzerland height of 2132 meters above sea level. At Pilatus mounts where you can enjoy breathtaking views, Alps, over surrounding mountains of Luzern and enchanting Lake Lucerne. The place can be reach riding Pilatus railway or riding cogwheel railway the steepest way passing through five-tunnels. The place named the biggest rope park in Switzerland.


Beautiful Kimberly Waterfalls

Wow a beautiful picture I found on online. It should be nice place to visit for summer season. This in west Australia in Kununurra, “the Kanunurra Kimberly waterfalls”. During the Wet Season from November to April, the waterfalls awake in Kununurra to new life.
The spot where Nicole Kidmand and Hugh Jackman about the film epic “Australia”. The spot it should lure more tourist into the area.


You Have Won Holiday Travel "Scam"

As what I’ve heard and read, there are travel agency are sending travel packages that says “you have won a holiday” I knew one of my friend received a letter from this travel agency (not to mention travel agency) and it’s says you paid 998 US dollar and you travel to this place blah and blah. My question is how I can sure that is not faked and scam? Maybe if I grab this travel holiday opportunities and then when I arrived to my destination then they will says that I’ll must pay this and that! What a heck!

My husband received some opportunity like this but he never believed those letters. They say you won but you not really won, you must pay first before you can go.
My thought is, as of now we are in global financial crisis, there are no people does not give you a free travel holiday without paying penny. You must first check the travel agency before you grab the opportunity or else you end up with many bills from your VISA.


8 Kilometers Long Toboggan Run

When we say Switzerland, it has called the mountainous countries in Europe owned beautiful Alps. The country famous for steep gorges and for jagged peaks and it is popular for mountains cross county skiing.

Last Sunday it was beautiful day, trailed and adventured day. My husband, Baby Cedric and I went to Zweisimmen a village in Switzerland located in Bernese Orberland and surrounded by beautiful alpine. A getaway to the world famous Gstaad-Sannenland region, the place has own name snow paradise “ski paradise area” in Sannenland region.

We thought we went up to the Rinderberg to snow sledge but it is not possible because the area was just for skiers. Oh thanks God! before 2:00 PM we know where to go for toboggan run/snow sledge, it is Sparenmoos within 7 kilometer just toboggan run, oh yay I felt trailed and we had adventure yesterday. We went to the mountain Sparenmoos to start toboggan with the bus ride baby, my husband and I enjoyed the breathtaking views looking to the amazing mountains while riding the bus. We arrived at Sparenmoos with the bus just 30 minutes in Sparenmoos. At Sparenmoos it has restaurant. At Sparenmoos station and were went down the mountains with toboggan run, it was fun, together with many people also enjoying toboggan run within 8 kilometres long going down from the mountains that leads down to the Zweisimmen village. It was fun and adventure day we had.

This is the village of Zweisimmen the way from Sparenmoos

My son and my husband from Sparenmoos they way leads to Zweisimmen

With the bus on the way to the Sparenmoos


Ice Palace In Schwarzee

My husband and I planning to visit again Ice palace in Schwarzsee. We have been there last 2005 now we want to visit again but we wanted to visit at the night because look wonderful, attractive and look romantic at night because of the colourful light. I am so excited to visit again to this ice palace. The ice palace is only built in winter season when is freezing weather. Visitors of ice palace walk through an illuminated ice palace. The ice palace located in west of Bern and about 50 (31.07 miles) kilometers from the city of Bern.

In Schwarzsee, there are lot of activities to do during winter season walk in rackets, ski, walk sledge, toboggan and bob.

Photos below took last 2006 visiting Ice Palace

Me, walking an illuminated ice palace

Beautiful Ice chair


Luxury Holiday

I knew everyone of us we dream to travel around the world even only to have short vacation to visit and see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or in Rome, London, New York or to visit beautiful amusement park in Florida or beach vacation to have relaxation and peace of mind.

How I wish I could have experience luxury holiday someday and stay to the one of the best hotels of the world and stay in luxury hotel. It is my dream to travel someday in Mauritius Island. As I have heard Mauritius Island, it has lovely beaches, tropical garden, white sand beaches with crystal clear water, has beautiful lagoon and a lot of things to do in there. As we can say, that Mauritius is Paradise Island, which is great for honeymooners, families and for couples who loved beach vacation as perfect relaxation and swimming for those people is seeking peace of mind. In Mauritius, there are many hotels that we can choose great accommodations and luxury hotel. One of the hotels I found Le Saint Geran One & Only resort that I can book online at only exclusive travel site, which is a tour operator exclusively around the world. They arrange best golf courses, luxury hotel and spa around the world. The Le Saint Geran One & Only resort hotel belongs to one of the nicest hotel in the world. It has beautiful views, nice ambience modern rooms which every room has terraces and balconies. It has spa and great for relaxation for body and mind. Sound great and cool to stay in here huh!

I discovered Le Touessrok one of the romantic places in the world. There is Le Touessrok hotel a luxury hotel it is a unique hotel unlike any other hotel because it is elegant, contemporary and tropical styles.

Oh yay! I wish I could travel to Mauritius, roam around the Island, swimming, underwater walk, snorkelling, safari adventures visiting interesting attractions in the island and enjoy my stay in the island under the sun. If I am planning to have vacation in the future, I could book online at only exclusive travel site that operates travel tours around the world.


Having Fun Snow Sledging On Gurten Hill

My husband and I are so much fond of snow sledge. Before Christmas (December 23), I urged him to go to the Gurten hill and to go sledding as we bought snow sledge last Sunday (December 21) so I thought it’s great to go snow sledge because it’s also holiday time and no work.
It was first time of baby Cedric rode on snow sledge, he was wondering and looks so funny when he rode the snow sledge but he loved to ride on snow sledge with me and sometimes to his Dad.

To go up to the Gurten Hill it has Gurtenbahn to ride just 10sf per person vice versa and possible to walk within 30 minutes there are walking path so there is no problem if you were lost. There is also restaurant self-service and hotel. There is also a tower the view point of the place where you can see the breathtaking view of Bern, Bernese Oberland and the beautiful Alps, it is said that this place it is the impression of Bern the

On Gurten Hill on wintertime when have enough snow, it has ski learning (school) just good for children.