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Shadau Castle And It's Park

It was beautiful afternoon in Berner Town. We just took full advantage of it. We went to Thun town took for a walk and had a fresh air. We parked our car nearby the Shadau Castle in Gwat Hallenbad parking area. Perfect amazing views of Shadau castle. This is one of our favorite places, romantic, beautiful scenic views and wonderful place to bond with family. If we do not have any planned, we just drove our car and went to this beautiful place.

We had delightful afternoon and walked for about 10 minutes from Gwat to Schadau Park after strolling in Schadau Park we took a walked to Thun Town for about 10 minutes again.

Schadau is an English style park castle located on the south bank Aare River, built 1849 and 1854 by banker Denis de Rougement and features both Romantic and New Gothic styles. Has a restaurant where people can have food highest quality and ideal for the family who want to have refreshment during the day.

Here are some photographs in the afternoon during our stroll in Schadau Park.

With my husband and our son with the Schadau Castle

These what you can see from Schadau Castle and Park


J.H said...

amazing view.... really spectacular!

sant said...

Nice ............ photos ......