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Travel Around Europe

Travelling place to place is my dream. When I was teenager, Europe places has always been one of my dreams destinations. I am glad I had travelled a lot in different places in Europe including Paris visited Eiffel tower interesting attraction, London, Rome, Pisa, Barcelona and many more interesting places that I have been that my dream have been fulfilled. I am thankful my husband brought me those beautiful places in Europe that I can say that I really treasure in my lifetime.

My mom is here staying with us, as a tourist here, she will stay within 3 months and this coming week we are going to have our vacation, we will show her Switzerland interesting attraction. I am sure she will be enjoy while staying here in our place and saying those amazing attractions in Switzerland.

As you have heard that Switzerland is expensive, it is true, as long as you have penny you can afford it, there are some hotels and apartment to which are cheap and of course the most cheap staying in camping area. Travelling in Switzerland really need more money, which you would really spend out your vacation that you could really enjoy to the fullest, that attractions are worth to visit that you never seen in the other place.


Vacation Time

It has been 1 year now were from our vacation in Grand Canaria. You will find my entries couples of days that I posted some photos of Grand Canaria during our vacation. Supposed to be around summer season we were in vacation. This is what I wanted to do now, having a vacation, visiting to the other place, relax and enjoying the summer to the fullest, roam around the city that we never been before. Hmm... Is not too long to wait now, when my mom arrives here in our place then we are having vacation we are having holiday and going to the best destination, top attractions and interesting places that we wanted to discover. I am so excited this, this will be happen this coming August. Nyay!!


Camel Ride

This is the one unforgettable moments during our vacation in Grand Canaria, our Camel Ride, this is necessary try when you were in Grand Canaria, the Camel Ride. It was a lot of fun riding camel; I cannot stop giggling, quickly swaying motion but it was great experienced adventures we had.


Beautiful Vacation Rentals Home

In past years, I could never forget our fabulous vacation in Florida. We visited the biggest amusement park. I missed to be there again and have fun in Disney World Orlando Florida together my family and I wish we could visit this universal studio because I never been in there my last visit in Florida. My sister says also that it has a lot of fun out there. My husband and I talked about vacation rentals I discover vacation rentals by owner for rental vacations homes, condominiums or villas over fifty states around the globe at affordable price, that makes and help to save money. They have vacation rentals that ideal for families or for couples, which are close on the beach or in the mountains that I can choose where we like to have a vacation. There site is easy to use and easy to find vacation home rentals that we are looking for. It has cozy Florida rentals homes low cost price that we could relax and having fun, it has everything that we need. It has also Orlando vacation rentals more closely by the amusement park, which is perfect for Disney vacation. There are lot Florida rentals, which we could choose beachfront on the beautiful beaches that we will enjoy and makes our holidays a lot of fun and makes memorable vacation. What about you? Have you done looking for your accommodation for your vacation? Make your vacation fabulous and unforgettable moment with your family, check out vacation rentals, you are in the right place; you can have perfect vacation you will find of what you are looking for.


Beautiful View From Apartment

This is the fantastic view from apartment (see photos below) Don Palomon in Grand Canaria where we stayed 2 weeks vacation last year. The apartment was not so expensive, it has everything that I need, of course toilette, which I must see first before everything, (lol) swimming pool, kitchen where I cooked everyday, balcony with fantastic view where we can see the long beach of playa Ingles and sand dunes, people walking passing by little pathway, master bed room, living room with table and chairs, TV, and walking distance of the market and leisure and etc. If you want to have good view from apartment or hotels that you wanted to stay in Grand Canaria, you can find it with swimming pool and whirlpool all everything that you need you can find it, is just affordable at all.

The Apartment, we stayed at second floor

My Husband took some photos while I was walking

The Apartment and Swimming Pool

Second Floor where we stayed

the background beautiful vew from Balcony


Amazing Cruises Vacations

You know that, I created my blog to share my travel experiences. My husband and I travelled many times in a year. Past years we travelled different places here in Europe and Florida but we just travelled with autos and airplane to reach our destinations, what I wish now I want to travel with ship cruises, that makes relax and comfortable while travelling. My sister in Florida keep telling me about ship cruises island to island, because she found out that there are great cruises deals now that we could buy discount tickets. I found out there are European cruises that sell discount tickets. I wish we could have great European Cruises destinations round trip to the country that we never been before within 12 or 14-night like from Copenhagen Denmark Azamara Cruises Journey or maybe we could have 10 nights Mediterranean cruises from Barcelona Spain that cruises to the Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy Dubrovnik, Croatia Koper, Slovenia Venice round trip at cruise deals low cost price.

I was searching more cruises deals I found there are biggest discount cruises deals including, Caribbean cruises, Hawaii cruises, and Bermuda Cruises at affordable tickets price. There are also Canada Cruises 7-Night Canada/New England Cruises round-trip from New York City with Norwegian Cruise Lines. This would be the greatest vacation we have and adventures vacations that we could never forget. For further details about great cruises deals just click the link that I added and get great discount cruise tickets now.


Spanish Little Venice

I could never forget that past year our vacation in Grand Canaria. We visited Puerto Mogan we roamed around the village and enjoyed the sightseeing and interesting attractions. Puerto Mogan is the one beautiful place in this Grand Canaria Island. It has beautiful beach though not to long beach but is beautiful and white sand beach, which is ideal for children. There are nice buildings hotels, houses, apartments and villas that possible vacation rental. A place it is called Spanish little Venice because linking of little bridge with colorful flowers by the bridge and apartments. Apartments are beautifully architecture which is typical in this little Spanish Venice and a must see in Grand Canaria that is so interesting and worth to visit.

Me walking on the street while husband took some photos

Another angle

The aparment and the bridge


Amazing Leaning Tower, Pisa Italy

In the middle of spring time, my husband and I went to Italy. We visit Leaning Tower the one interesting sight of Pisa. When we were arrived in Pisa then we searched one hotel that we could stay in just couple of nights. We were lucky there is one room was unoccupied because four hotels we asked all are book and occupied. We found the hotel is just so closer to the piazza dei miracoli and it was good it was affordable.
Pisa Italy is known city because of the Leaning tower, which is the most famous tourist attractions of the city and many more interesting attractions that worth seeing. We went up to the top floor of leaning tower the area where we saw the breathtaking view of Pisa. One time when we were in restaurant for a dinner and I found there are Filipinos are working in restaurant one of them served us during our dinner.


The Largest Waterfalls In Europe

In Canada, it has Niagara Falls and in Europe, it has Rhine Falls. The famous natural falls and the largest falls in Europe found in Schaffhausen Switzerland this is called (Rheinfall in German Translation) Rhine falls in English translation. It was sunny day, hot day and perfect weather. We visited the Rheinfall, the most impressive natural beauty falls in Europe. I did not expect there are many tourists from all over the world. We went to the little famous rock at the middle island with little boat; we took a little walk to reach up at to the top of the rock where we saw the beautiful landscape. It was amazing to see the view from the middle of the little island on the rock that we felt the great power of the rushing water and heard the loud stream of waterfalls. While crossing the river in front of the falls that also possible to get wet which the most exciting events were. There are other viewing built spectacular views of the falls in both sides reaches steep and narrow stairs that offers amazing view of the falls.


Beautiful Spot In Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has many tourist attractions, like other canary island. There are many things to do in this Canaria island for visitor. There are many activities for people adult or for children. You can find many resorts. Gran Canaria is the 3rd largest canary island and is volcanic island. If you want to find white sand beach resorts in Grand Canaria, you will find in Puerto Mogan, Puerto Rico, Playa Amadores and many more beach resort.

Since is one year now we had blast summer vacation in Gran Canaria Island, it nice to back in there this beautiful island. I am still remembering and dreaming in this days when we were in Gran Canaria. I want to share some photos that were taken during our tour past year.

Beautiful Playa Ingles dark sand

Stunning Caldera de Bandama, a volcanic crater. Pico de Bandama here we enjoyed the breathtaking wide view all over north and east.

By playa Ingles the Sand Dunes. The dune of maspolamas are located between playa Ingles and Maspalomas.

Palmitos Park the zoological and botanical park which a must see when you visit this canary Island. There are bird of prey, exotic bird, reptiles and of course parrot.

Roque Nublo in Spanish meaning the "Rock Clouded" 80 m. tall one of the famous landmark in Grand Canaria

Beautiful Playa Amadores

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

Playa Ingles where you can see the Sand Dunes from top highest point by the beach.

Sioux City is the wild west theme park. Very entertaining night and day in this amusement park. They have many different show, in action "back robbery" Indian rain dance" "town square" "saloon fight" and a lot mote to offer that you will really enjoy.

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