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Planning a Vacation in Ticino Switzerland

Hi folks, today is the end of day of June, the summer must go on. You know that summer is the best ideal city tours vacation and beach vacation. My mom is coming over here in our place having a vacation within 3 months stay. We planned to spend our summer vacation in Ticino Switzerland. I am going now to look hotels or apartment to book online. I discover cheap hotels or apartment, which is ideal for my family to stay; it has everything that we needs. Let me check out now folks. Have a nice day.


Visiting Grindelwald and Glacier Gorge

Saturday it was the 1st day of summer. It was beautiful sunny weather. We were in Grindelwald village. A village that a must see when you are in Switzerland. It is the oldest and glacier village in the region of Jungfrau. Grindelwald surrounded by beautiful amazing Alps. We enjoyed our tour in this small village. There are many tourists walking down the road and busy buying souvenirs in very expensive stores. After taking tours in the village then we went in glacier gorge, it is about 2 kilometers away from the village 35 minutes to walk but it is also possible to ride the bus. It was amazing rocks, great and interesting to see that glacier canyon. I think definitely hundreds feet deep in places, it is impressive. Few minutes we walked down, I felt cold because I just wore think blouse and leggings. I did not handle the coldness. I worried for my self and of course, I was worried too to my son because he just has t-shirt and one jacket and not thick too. I think it was several hundreds 100 meters pathway to reach the last point, we didn’t reached the last point because I have cold. Maybe the rest we will be visit again this place someday. To see more interesting attractions.


Blast Vacation in Spain

Our travel was go on, our next destinations was in Spain in Cataluña region after touring some cities of south of France. We stayed 7 days in Spain in Cataluña and we had a lot of fun, swimming, playing water surf, shopping and we had city tour especially in Barcelona. It was blast and amazing vacation, we had. That was my second vacation that my husband brought me in many places in south of France and in Spain. When we were in Barcelona, we visited the biggest stadium in Europe the known football stadium and having fun in the city, shopping, having food in cozy restaurant, visited the Sagrada Familia church and many more tourist attractions that a must see every tourist people which is worth to visit.

By Sagrada Familia

The Biggest football stadium in Europe

Foto at the panoramic view in Barcelona


Visited The 2nd largest City Of France

After visiting Arles City our travel day continued going to Marseille City, which is the oldest and the second largest city of France. The Marseille is not far from Arles so we decided to visit this city. We rode the train in just 30 minutes (if I am not wrong). When we were, I cannot explain my feelings there are many tourist people too. We went up to the Notre Dame De La Garde we walked down by the road where the tourist people too walking to reach up this big church in Marseille where we can see the superb view. This is the one highest point of Marseille and gives the most breathtaking panoramic view of the city. You must visit this place when you were in Marseille offers impressive place.

When we were at the Notre dame de la Garde, we saw three islands one of the islands is called If. While looking that Island at the top of Notre Dame de la Garde my husband and I decided to visit this Island, which is also known the Chateau d’If former state prison. The island internationally famous because of many film and movies stated the stories. This is also where Edmond Dantes and Abbe Faria, characters in Alexandre Dumas's book "The Count Of Monte Cristo", where they imprisoned.

I was so thankful to my husband we visited this Island If, I was confused about this island especially I just saw this island in the Tv and especially in the movies. On that they we never let the day passed by without visiting this chateau D’If.

View from Notre Dame De La Garde

At the Entrance of Chateau D'If


Having Fun horse back riding and visiting Arles City

Stes Maries de la Mer is the region of Camargue south of France, the place where we stayed couple of days for our travel to Spain Catalunyan Region. The Stes Maries de la Mer a small village in south of France is also tourist top destinations where people can see the natural wild beauty and see the flamingos egrets, ibises and other species. The village it has beautiful scenery, unique beauty of flora and fauna. The village has a lot to offers, specially the great moments during our horse back riding. It was a lot of fun riding the horse I enjoyed and my husband too. Interesting to ride the horse, I love it. In the next day, my husband and I planned to go in Arles City the city of Provence. We decided to go this city because is just close of Stes Maries De La Mer village. We did not drive our car we just took a bus. The city of Arles it is interesting in addition, it has many attractions itself and great events. We went to the old roman arena, is also similar to Rome’s Coliseum which is very old one and the major arena of the city. The city is renowned as a cultural and religious during the late Roman Empire. We took some photos as a remembrance from this city.

I enjoying riding

Arles Arena Coliseum


Visiting The Cannes City Break

After staying many days in Nice city and visited Monaco, we continued our vacation to Stes Maries de la Mer in south of France but before we reached the town of Stes De La Mer we stopped in city of Cannes, the city break of south of France. The city of France crowns of the International Film Festival every month of May and the second of the most important for business, tourism and Leisure City of France. The city it has beautiful sandy beaches and shopping center to shop until you drop. When we were in Cannes, we roamed around the city by riding sightseeing miniatures train tours from the city and to the castle, back and forth price is affordable most tourist people. There we saw amazing view of Cannes city. Then we went to the grand auditorium where known actresses and actors come during film festival day and where we saw their hands painted on the pathway.


Visiting Beautiful Monte Carlo Monaco

The day goes by so fast, after our tour in Nice City, looking interesting attractions in the next day we went to Monaco. As what my husband said, the Monaco is just so near of Nice City. We never let the day passed by without visiting this small country called Monaco. When we were on travelling going to Monaco, it was not expected us that we encountered the traffic close by Monaco, but we did not wait long. After a minutes we reached Monaco city, our first stopped was in Cactus garden. There are hundreds different kinds of Cactus, small to huge cactus, which I really love taking pictures. In cactus garden where you can see also the panoramic view of Monaco, that you will impress the city how beautiful and clean and with little island where the amazing castle stand. The time goes by we decided to go in the Monte Carlo and in the little Island. We just parked our car in cactus parking area, we rode a bus, in just 10 minutes (if I get not wrong) to reach Monte Carlo, the place where we saw the cozy hotels, luxury cars, luxury boats and ships, cozy houses and chic restaurants. There are many tourist people like us, looking what is there and here, their eyes are like saying “wow” like me, and I could not resist saying that kind of word. Everywhere where we look, there are limousine, Lamborghini, Ferraris, Porsche and many more luxury cars in the famous road Monte Carlo. I am so impressed the small, nice and clean streets, fabulous parks and gardens, beautiful houses and buildings in the town. There are many expensive boutiques with the latest fashion. The place is one of the most famous hunting places of the Paparazzis. How I wish I could live in this small beautiful city.

Casino, look at the cars

At Cactus Garden

Beautiful view

With botiques and hotels

The Castle


Visiting Queen Of the Cote d'Azur Nice City

France is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The one country that everything that you must see and will enjoy your holiday that worth to visit. Couple years ago, in the middle of summer my husband and I looking for beach that we could spend our summer time in South of France which near by beach. After many months was our next holidays was in south of France. We drove our car so early morning and we reach at the afternoon 2:00 PM a pleasant City of Nice south Of France. The travel was tiring but I enjoyed place to place saying buildings, houses, hotels, incredible mountains scenery, we passed by every cities and village to reach to our point. We stayed one town near by Nice City, I forgot name of the town, it was absolutely just a minutes from this big city of Niece. The Nice City pronounce niece, the city is beautiful, clean with its own beach, blue and green sea, lovely arc décor façade, buildings and beautiful houses. A one top tourist destination for couples and honeymooners. The city it said that queen of the Cote d'Azur, the one top tourist destinations in France. From this city, it is just short minutes to travel you will be in Monaco then Italy, which are neighbour countries. See the next post entry photos when we were in Monaco..


Holidays In London

After many days staying in Paris, our holidays were continue to London, was our next destinations. We rode a train from Paris to London. It was not quite long sitting on the train. It was about 3 hours from Paris to London. While in the train, I could not wait to see the city of London specially the interesting tourist attraction. I was so eager to step London and tour around the big and expensive city and to visit Buckingham palace, to see the Big Ben house of Parliament, to ride the London eye, visit Madame Tussaud, visiting Greenwich, to see the London Bridge and many more. Those some tourist attractions that I mentioned we were visit. It was amazing and blast vacation we had in London. I could never forget in my life that my husband brought in London and experienced to visit those impressive tourist attractions in this big city that we could not experienced in the other places.

with the background London eye

Riding London Eye

In Madame Tussauds

Just enjoying our arrival our 2nd stopped was London Bridge


Paris, The City Of Light

The City of Paris has nickname "City Of Light" the one of the great cities, the desires of the business people and tourist people. Speaking tourist, I could never forget our blast vacation in this city few years ago. A city that must visit to see the Eiffel Tower, Largest Museum of the world the Louvre Museum, Notre dame, Arc de Triumphe, and many more interesting tourist attractions in this big city, everything worth seeing. I am grateful that I visited this big city with my love of my life. I am looking forward to step again in this city one of the world truly cities with our son.


Arc de Triomphe in Paris

After an hour spent time at the top floor of Eiffel Tower our next stopped was the Arc de Triumphe, the world largest Triumphal Arc. We was walk because its walking distance only from Eiffel Tower so my husband and I decided to walk so that we could see also some interesting buildings, boutique and others. I was so eager to see this building how so great sculpture and the building. When we were there, I never expect that bunch of tourist again. The arc of the triumphed is not high, than Eiffel Tower so we decided not to go up at the arc triumphed and because we have been at the top floor of Eiffel tower already. I think the perfect view to see the city of Paris we prefered Eiffel Tower, but for those not at the top floor of Eiffel Tower, I think Arc De Triumphe is also the best views of the City of Lights of Paris.