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La Rambla The Busiest Street In Barcelona

La Rambla a 1.2 kilometers long walkway that is the busiest street in Barcelona and one of the most famous street in Barcelona with tourists and locals alike. Here you can see restaurants and bars, stores, and street performers along the way.

Of course, when we were in Barcelona we never let the day to walk and had some drink in the restaurant along the La Rambla street. It was so crowded because it was the time tourist season. It is nice to go back again in there and wanted to explore more in this city to discovered more attractions, culture and tradition of the people living in this Catalonyan region.

Me walking not facing on the camera :-)

The man making funny on the street :-)

sitting on the bowl...i think you know what he's doing (lol)


Gstaad Town

One morning in the weekend my husband and had nothing to do therefore we packed some things and drove the car within 1 and half hour going to the Gstaad town. I like the place very calm town and romantic place. We roamed around the city and had a lunch in their and we enjoyed the food.
The town it is charming beauty and attractive town known for high society, fine dining, luxury hotels and luxury botiques, it is say that like Cannes. The destinations of the rich and famous entertaining people particularly Elle Macpherson, Roger Moore, Paris Hilton and Tina Turner. The village it has delightful alpine chalets. The best place for ski it has the largest ski areas in Europe.

Look around the Palace hotel

cute and old hotel :-)

Small cathedral...

St. Blaise Park, Neuchatel

St. Blaise in Neuchatel located this beautiful picnic park in northeast end of the City. When the weather is beautiful warm and calm, the place are the destinations for family and friends doing picnic and swimming. Is nearby railway station in St. Blaise and it has large auto parking area. You can also see the wonderful views of the Alps over the Seeland and Berner Oberland when the weather is clear.

My husband with adorable son...opps...See the stunning Alps?...


Victoria Hotel

The photo took last year. Behind me is the grand Victoria Hotel in Interlaken one of the luxury hotels in Interlaken. If you want to go in Interlaken take rest and relax in your vacation staying in Victoria hotel in Interlaken I am sure you will love it, it’s worth to stay in there this is one of the superb restaurants and have good facilities. This is the venue for meeting people like businessperson, culture and of course politics.


The Scenic View From Castle Oberhofen

One of the most beautiful castle in Switzerland located on the shores on the Lake of Thun called Castle Oberhofen. From the place of castle oberhofen you can see the stunning views across the clean and clear water lake to the breathtaking mountains. In the park of the castle, there are beautiful flowers everywhere.
These are the scenic views from castle Oberhofen.

This photo taken in the park of Oberhofen

It was quiet cloudy day though but still you can see a little the mountain.

These Photos taken on the port Oberhofen

These are some photos my husband took with my little son and I sitting on the beanch.


Teror Town Gran Canaria Island

When we were in Grand Canaria having vacation, my husband and I had a chance to travel around the Island. We spent one-day tour with bus and took around Grand Canaria Island visiting the tourist spot attractions around the Island it was an affordable one.

One place we had been was Teror town. A charming oldest little town in the north side of the Island. This is a historical town of the Island with buildings in past decade year 1692 and a town with religious history. It has stunning church found in the center. The houses are with wood, like wooden balconies and with grey color delightful stone and dark. Wooden balconies this are the typical architectural in the Teror town. Every year they have fiestas. In the 8th of September the fiesta de la Virgen del Pino (The Fest of Our Lady Of The Pines) is celebrated and numerous pilgrims from all over the island come to Teror to pay reverence to the saint.

And this is me having pose :-)


Visiting Basel Town

It was great Saturday we had. We visited the one major city of Switzerland named Basel town but first we visited the zoological garden, which is considered one of the best zoos in the world. The zoos contained 4000 animals and around 6000 species. We enjoyed looking the biggest gorillas that we have seen there are funny Urang Utan and many more funny monkeys and great lions, Elephants, Kangaroos etc.

My mom my husband and my baby looking Hippopotamus the african Mammal

My mom and I watching performing sea Lion

The Lions

Basel is located in north-western corner of Switzerland the nighboring country of German and France. Visiting Basel Town in Switzerland is also worth it. There are many attractions worth to visit and interesting places. The city is nice, a city of cultures, the city that is easy to get around, it has charming old town picturesque streets, and historic buildings a must to visit, as well as the marketplace, buildings are great, shopping, restaurant, great architectures both old and new. It has several excellent art museum more than 30 museum and 150 art galleries to visit. The popular sites to visit are the contemporary museum, Kunstmuseum, the old Basel cathedral that contain the tomb of Erasmus and the medieval St.Martinskirsch.

Looking around the area by the Town hall red building

The red building is a town hall of Basel Town

The old tram in Basel Town


The Mount Stockhorn

Spring, summer, autumn or winter or let us say all year round Stockhorn (2190 metres above sea level) is the perfect place to visit this during those seasons offers great views, relaxation and enjoyment. Visiting Stockhorn mount is so exciting where you can see the view for thousands of miles. The mount is easily accessible all year round with cable car, walking paths, climbing trails, fishing beside of the two mountains lake, retaurant at the view point , etc. We rode the cable car to reach the viewpoint where we saw the fantastic wide land of Bern canton, Lake of Thun and Brienz Lake and the most amazing 200 Alpine peaks, Titlis in central Switzerland to the mount Blanc, Bernese Oberland, Jura and Emmental.

The small lake where people can go fishing and hiking around to the mount stockhorn

The City of Thun and The Lake

above left side where you can see the city of Bern

This photo took at the view point at the mount stockhorn

The Known Mountains Eiger Monch and Jungfrau, excuse for the man sitting pretty on the rock (laugh)

Breathtaking Wide view

Me looking the wide view from mount stockhorn facing south side. At last I reach the view point of the stockhorn.

My husband looking around, facing north side.

The breathtaking view from restaurant. This photo from


Bern Town Capital City Of Switzerland

I thought to share you some photos that I’ve taken few months ago and the latest photos with my mom tour in Bern town. Let me tour you around in Bern. This is not in entire Bern town but I want to share some photos that I’ve taken few months ago and during winter time.

Bern town is a small city of Switzerland (Berne in French) but is historic, charming, and lovely small town clean and green city surrounded by the beautiful Aare river. Is the great spot destinations and it is recognized by UNESCO as a cultural World records.

By Zytlogge Bern "The Clock Tower" the symbol of Bern as the bear.

The biggest Christmas Tree in Bern by the house of Parliament

The breathtaking majestic Alps on the horizon. Took by the bridge (Kornhausbr├╝cke)


Beautiful Ascona

Ascona town in Switzerland is a part of Ticino canton and is a small town located nearby Locarno town and situated by the river Maggiore and surrounded by majestic mountains of the Alps with beautiful scenery and landscapes. It is the most exclusive tourist destination of Switzerland. The place offer many activities and attractions. Many boutiques, a beautiful lake promenade, public swimming pool, luxus hotels, cafes, restaurants in the sunshine and people walk along the shore.

It is nice to back again to this place…photo below when we were in Ascona during shopping time.