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First Longest Chair Lift In Europe

The First all season in winter, spring, summer and autumn the best for hiking and skiing, snowborders and snow ledge in wintertime. First (2167m) in Grindelwald in Jungfrau region, offer the best views and it's spectecular scenery that reached on a fulfilled gondola (cable car) ride and it was the longest chair lift in Europe.

My mom was so impressed the beautiful place of Switzerland and said that all are almost possible and can reach the highest point on the mountain, that she amazed those things. It was my mom first ride of cable car.

In First Restaurant in terrace with breathtaking views

My husband, baby and I with the amazing background

Me, my baby and my mom

hiking with great views

simply stunning - look down on the Grindelwald town below the mountains

Panoramic Peak The Monch and Jungfrau Mountains


Blue Lake Crystal Water

Blue lake crystal water full of trout fishes, romantic, friendly nature park and great serene, trout breeding farm, the places perfect for picnic, campfire sites, boat trips on the fascinating deep blue lake, has walks for the family bonding and friends in this blue lake (Blausee) in Bernese Oberland that we had visit last Saturday (August 23). Blausee place that you must visit when you were on holiday in Switzerland, which is a great tourist destination.

Here are the photos that we had taken during our visit in Blausee. We were with my friend and her family.

View from the little bridge

with the boat

view from restaurant

Me, my mom and my friend

on the little bridge with my son


Onion Market

One of the traditional folk festivals a Zibele-Märit or Onion Market in Bern celebrated on the fourth of Monday. Farmers around in Bern Canton display the different artwork, plaited string of onions sculptures and as well as nuts, fruits, Garlic and crafts. The day that you can buy fresh onion cakes, cheesecake and onion soup are offer in restaurants and colourful staffs, breads and vegetables. Children and teenagers or even just adult roam around at the fairground and scatter confetti, jesters, have onions costumes in the streets.

The onion market located in the Bundesplatz (in the square of House Parliament) between the railroad stations. The Onion market opens early in the morning 5 AM.

Those are yummy yumm candies made from Onions...

Cute sculpture

The longest Onion I've ever seen :-) (lol)

those are so cute plaited Onions


Stayed In Buchshof Hotel

It has been 2 weeks now since we came from our vacation in southern and eastern area of south of Switzerland. When we were in eastern area visiting Liechtenstein we stayed in beautiful, big and clean family room in Buchshof Hotel. The place is peaceful and great for vacationers. The accommodation is good, with big shower room, toilette, two telephones, two TV with cable, and two double beds one for my mom. It was not too expensive breakfast is inclusive. The hotel located in the central of Buchs town, the shopping center and restaurants is just walking distance and the rail way and bus station.

My little boy and my mom, on double bed..

My mom on bed watching TV, my husband on the other room watching TV too with my baby boy. My mom room is connecting to our sleeping room, it seems like a living room my mom where she had slept.

My mom bed...

The rest room, toilette and shower

The shower cabin and the bath tub.

You could say the other room where we had slept.


Beautiful Attractions in Switzerland

Travelling is really a lot of fun but need a lot of money to spend. Couples of days ago we travelled in south and eastern side of Switzerland. It was just a short vacation in this year, we usually travel many times in a year but at this time, we had short vacations. My mom enjoyed our vacation in Ticino canton, Valais and in a short visit in Liechtenstein and beside of that her first travel around Switzerland. In Switzerland, you could not really find many tourist spot attractions in the other country, nature, highest mountains, beautiful alpines, impressive glacier and valleys.

My mom problem is only cold temperature a cold country here in Switzerland, as she is Asian woman she did not use the temperature I just always telling to her bring the jacket and wear stockings. I told to her how she could lives if there are snows, even is not already winter, she has already cold. She could never see the real snow falling down when winter comes because she has cold. Anyway, before the end of the fall she is going back to Philippines.

Photo below took last winter, wide view Bernese Oberland and fantastic view city of Bern From Gurten Kulm in Bern


Beautiful Loetschen Valley

Just couple of days ago I came from our summer vacation in the south of Switzerland in Valais and Ticino Canton. We had amazing trip, visited interesting attraction that we have never been before. Our first stopped was in Lötschenthal Loetsch Valley in Valais Canton in the southern Switzerland.

Lötschenthal or Loetschen Valley surrounded impressive mountains setting between Bernese Alps and Valais Switzerland that you could really enjoy for relaxing amidst beautiful natures which is away from the quiet city. The Lötschenthal is the part of UNESCO World Natural Heritage site of Jungfrau Aletsch-Bietschhorn region since 2001.

It was our first destination Fafleralp where we started our walked through beautiful way to see lang glacier and Lötschenlücke the majestic glacier rushing mountains streams and flank of the Lauchernalp or in the direction of the Anengletscher.

Fafleralp chalets

The lang glacier and the Lonza river

My mom and my husband carrying baby walking...

the lang glacier, the ice cover by gravels, Lötschenlücke
see the glacier hole where the water river came from

Me standing wearing white shirt, by the Lötschenlücke
ice glacier hole the impressive ice glacier.


Mount Niederhorn

AA beautiful photo took to my husband when we were at the mount of Niederhorn Switzerland, offers wide amazing view of the Alps and Berner Oberland, the known Alps in Europe Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau, which is the top of Europe.