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Vacation In Philippines

I am excited to have vacation in Philippines, to visit my parents and my siblings. I am missing them. They are also excited to see their first grandchild my son.

I am planning now where to go in Philippines for beach vacation with my family, we, my husband and my son, my parents and my siblings. If possible and we have enough time and enough budget we are going to Boracay as I never been their before, my husband and my parents too. Whether in Bohol Island again in Panglao beach. I knew planning for vacation is not so easy it is a lot to book and need time to plan. I have a lot to arrange and to book for hotels and for flight. I am looking for resort, room and cheap accommodation in Boracay either in Panglao Island. I knew I could find one good service accommodation, luxury either cheap, as there are cheap hotels to find in these resorts.

Wish me luck folks. That’s all for now wish you have a great day.


A Short Vacation Time

Easter days is getting closer, offices have no work I think most of us thinking for a vacation even just 5 days out of town. I am thinking having out of town vacation just short days, no fix date at this time but I think we will gonna have vacation just a short days out of town. Wether not I think we just stay and just spend our Time Mountain hopping when we have beautiful weather here in our place.

Riding Cogwheel Railway Reaching Mount Pilatus

In Switzerland, where I am living most of the time having bad weather. Its just so lucky week if successive beautiful weather we have. In times of beautiful weather in summer time people love to go outing boding with family go up to the mountains, hiking, biking, picnic, swimming and etc just spending a time under the sun. When we have beautiful weather my husband and me, our day is incomplete when we never spending time under the sun having adventure the day. What I wish this spring, summer or autumn when we have beautiful weather I want to visit Pilatus Mountains to have adventures time. A mountain that I am longing to visit this year with my family.

Pilatus mounts located near Lucerne City, Switzerland height of 2132 meters above sea level. At Pilatus mounts where you can enjoy breathtaking views, Alps, over surrounding mountains of Luzern and enchanting Lake Lucerne. The place can be reach riding Pilatus railway or riding cogwheel railway the steepest way passing through five-tunnels. The place named the biggest rope park in Switzerland.